Re: [OpenMap Users] Query regarding loading Maps in Openmap

From: Chan Kwang Mien <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:54:18 +0800

hi Don,

thanks for your help.

I have downloaded a few free shape files from some websites and I would
like to open these shape files
in OpenMap.

I changed the shapePolitical.shapeFile and shapePolitical.spatialIndex in to the
names of those shape files. for example :


However, there was no display of the shape files. I also created the ssx using
java -cp com.bbn.openmap.layer.SpatialIndex -c roads.ssx roads.shp. But
that didn't help.

I assume that OpenMap should be able to open any files with .shp extension.
Is that true ?

Thank you.

Kwang Mien

>Hi Kwang,
>To change the layers in the OpenMap application, you modify the
> file. There are instructions in the
>file for modifying the different properties. The openmap.layers property
>lists keywords for the different layers created, and the properties using
>that keyword as a prefix are used by that layer to configure itself. For
>instance, the default world layer uses the shapePolitical keyword, and the
>shapePolitical.class property defines the Layer class created. The
>shapePolitical.shapeFile property defines the shape file used for that
>layer's political shapes. That property would be the one you would change
>for a different shape file.
>If you have data in a different format, you would add a different keyword
>to the openmap.layers property and define a set of properties appropriate
>for the new type of layer you are adding.
>Hope this helps,
>On Dec 29, 2004, at 7:49 PM, Chan Kwang Mien wrote:
>>I am new to using OpenMap 4.6.1.
>>I have a query regarding loading maps in OpenMap 4.6.1. By default, when
>>I run OpenMap,
>>the World Map is loaded.
>>Can anyone tell me the procedure to load my own map, i.e. to replace the
>>World Map with another
>>map ?
>>Thank you.
>>Kwang Mien
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