[OpenMap Users] OpenMap 4.6.2 has been released!

From: Don Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:10:31 -0500

OpenMap 4.6.2 has been released and is available on at
http://openmap.bbn.com. The main new features of this release are:

Updated the com.bbn.openmap.tools.symbology.milStd2525 package, 
specifically, the SymbolReferenceLibrary and the SymbolChooser, which 
can now create icon symbols given the proper data source.  The 
SymbolChooser now updates the symbol code based on option settings, and 
the SymbolReferenceLibrary 	uses a SymbolImageMaker to decide how to 
make a image based on that code.  The SVGSymbolImageMaker can use the 
SVG symbol library available from DISA, and also requires the Batik 
package from http://xml.apache.org/batik.  The PNGSymbolImageMaker and 
GIFSymbolImageMaker will create scaled icons from a image file 
The standard openmap.properties file has a SymbolReferenceLibrary added 
to the openmap.components property, and it's configured to use the 
milStd2525_png.jar file located in the lib directory.  The 
SymbolReferenceLibrary is therefore available to all layers through the 
MapHandler.  The DemoLayer shows how to use it to create a manned 
spacecraft icon.
If you have access to DISA's SVG symbol library, you can use the 
SVGSymbolImageMaker to produce high-quality icons of any size.  The 
Batik (http://xml.apache.org/batik) toolkit jars are required to be in 
the classpath for this symbol image maker to be used.
Added labeling capabilties to OMGraphics, handled by their attribute 
capabilities.  If the OMGraphicConstants.LABEL attribute is set with an 
OMLabel object (the OMTextLabel is one implementation), labels will 
appear on the map for an OMGraphic.  Added OMGraphicConstants.TOOLTIP 
and OMGraphicConstants.INFOLINE constants, too, that can be used by 
layers to look up these kind of attributes in an OMGraphic.
The VPF package components have been updated to provide access to 
feature attribute information, which can be displayed via tooltip, 
information line, or label on the map.  The choice of display type and 
attribute type can be specified in the layer's palette and/or 
properties.  The VPFLayer's 'searchByFeatures' property must be set to 
true for this capability.
The DemoLayer has also been updated to contain several OMGraphics with 
labels, as an example of how to do this.
The BasicI8n class has been updated so it can provide a set of 
ResourceBundle properties files that can be used to internationalize an 
If the 'i18n.create' Debug flag is set (with a -Ddebug.i18n.create 
OpenMap application flag, or by calling Debug.put("i18n.create") 
somewhere at the very beginning of an application), the BasicI18n class 
will log all the resource bundle properties files accessed or attempted 
to be accessed, and will track the retrieved strings or their defaults 
provided to the application GUI.  If requested, the BasicI8n class can 
create a hierarchy of I18N_<locale>.properties files in the correct 
directory structure of the requesting application, filled with 
key-value pairs where the values can be replaced with 
language-appropriate translations for the given locale.
The BasicI18n class only logs the properties, they need to be dumped to 
files manually, and this can be done using the new 
I18nFileCreateMenuItem that will tell the BasicI18n class to create the 
new files.  The openmap.properties file was updated to show how to load 
the menu item to a generic OMBasicMenu in order to temporarily add this 
class.  Choosing this menu item will bring up a prompt to ask where the 
new directory structure for the resource bundle files should be placed. 
  Also, if the application is run with the 'i18n.default' flag also set, 
then I18N.properties files will be created without the locale setting.  
If you place these files in the classpath in front of the openmap.jar 
file, you can change any general default string in the Openmap GUI.
Many classes were updated for internationalization, with help from 
Piotr Kaminski and Jesper Berglund.
Other changes:
	* Updated FileUtils to have separate save and open methods, updated 
different classes in the package to call them appropriately.
	* Updated the StandardMapMouseInterpreter to handle right mouse button 
clicks better, by trapping the popup trigger.
	* Added ImageIOFormatter class, a super class for creating image files 
via the java imageio package.  Added GIF and PNG implementations.
	* Moved the LayerHandler threading support to the LayerSupport object 
that also performs some queueing capability, so that the threads 
lauched form layers changes are performed in order to preserve 
	* Modified the ProjectionSupport and LayerHandler to launch threads 
for projection notifications to the layers and for layer reordering, to 
prevent the application from getting hung up for some of the more 
extensive notification event reactions.
	* Updated VMAP2Shape to use EsriShapeExport class, instead of using 
the Shape package stuff.  Updated VPFConfig to check for backslashes 
and replace them with Java-friendly forward slashes.
	* Modified the ESRIPolygonRecord to include the donated code to handle 
polygon holes using OMAreaList.  This code is disabled, however, 
because OMAreaList doesn't really handle shapes that go around the 
earth yet, and having this modification breaks world-level shapefile 
display.  OMAreaList needs to be fixed before this code is enabled 
	* Updated BasicGeometry to have the option of connecting shapes that 
are appended, instead of automatically not doing that.  Updated 
OMAreaList to make that BasicGeometry append call with the connect 
	* added the cntry02 world boundary shape files to the package and made 
them the default files used in the OpenMap application. They're bigger 
files, and the application runs a little slower, but they are much more 
accurate than the dcwpo-browse files.  The dcwpo-browse files are still 
available if the old data is desired.
	* Updated the RpfLayer so the opaque slider works on the coverage 
rectangles as well as the images.  Updated the palette to enable the 
modification of preference settings.  Updated the MakeToc to better 
check for non-RPF image files to skip them when appropriate.
- Don
Don Dietrick, dietrick_at_bbn.com
BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA
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