Re: [OpenMap Users] question on drawing an OMCircle over a possibly same colored map region

From: Adam Russell <>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 15:58:06 -0500

Pal, Samarth wrote:

>This will totally depend on how many layers you have underneath the circle. Since most objects maintain translucency also, I don't think that there is a way to directly decide this is the color underneath at any given point. If you absolutely have to do this, you will have to iterate through all the layers. Then for each layer(which is of a different type and you have to know what to look for in each layer), find the object that intersects the given lat/lon point and then find color. This will not work in the case of displaying image rasters on any of the layers underneath.
>I think your best bet is to have a circle have a different fill color and a different line color. You can also do different types of stroke to add more variability for better visual recognition.
     I guess the simplest solution is best in this case. I ended up just
doing something similar to your suggestion. The OMCircles I am drawing
are not filled so I need not do anything with the fillColor. What I did
was draw an OMCircle with a slightly larger Stroke size first in white
and then draw my OMCircle over it.
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