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From: Chris Allport <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:01:20 -0500

The projection code has been updated (since the deprecation of the "old
method"). The init code looks like the following:

MapHandler mapHandler = new MapHandler();
mapBean = new BufferedMapBean();
ProjectionFactory pf = ProjectionFactory.getInstance();
Projection proj = pf.MakeProjection(CADRG.class,
Environment.getFloat(Environment.Latitude, 0f),
Environment.getFloat(Environment.Longitude, 0f),
Environment.getInteger(Environment.Width, MapBean.DEFAULT_WIDTH),
Environment.getInteger(Environment.Height, MapBean.DEFAULT_HEIGHT));
mapHandler.add(new LayerHandler());
-- then the RPF code --
I have tried numerous things:
  - Regenerating the A.TOC with MakeToc
  - Regenerating the A.TOC with MakeToc with Full Paths
  - Regenerating the A.TOC with MakeToc from the RPF Directory
  - Regenerating the A.TOC with MakeToc from another directory
  - explicity setting "paths" property and setting property
  - setting RpfLayer.setDoubledBuffered to true
I have also tried turning on debug (via command line) for RPF and receive no
messages.  I tried explicitly calling "setDebugGraphicsOptions" with
LOG_OPTION and BUFFERED_OPTION, neither yielding any apparent result.
Is there something else I need to be doing to trigger this layer?  Does
anything else need to be setup?
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Chris,
Your method works for me.  I'd check your projection parameters to see
if they make sense for RPF data.  If your data worked before, it should
still be OK (I wouldn't expect there to be a case problem, where the
A.TOC is specifying upper case, and the names are actually lower case).
- Don
On Mar 22, 2005, at 6:15 PM, Chris Allport wrote:
> My application uses the following code to create an RPF Layer:
> ...
> String temp[] = {"/main/rpf"};
> RpfLayer rpf = new RpfLayer(temp);
> rpf.setVisible(true);
> rpf.setAddAsBackground(true);
> mapHandler.add(rpf);
> ...
> When the application starts, the window pops up but no maps!  This
> worked in
> 4.6, but does not appear to work with either of the newer versions.
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