[OpenMap Users] Refreshing layer data

From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg <tjl_at_bom.gov.au>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 13:33:22 +1000

Hi all,

Bit of a newb question. I've written an extension to LocationLayer which
reads data out of a CSV file generated from our obs database. This is
way cool, and now we'd like to refresh the data periodically to keep it

I dare say I could write some kind of menu item to remove the layer and
add it again, but I'd rather do something like getting the
LocationHandler to reload its contents, then re-populate the existing
data. I'm sure the first part won't be too difficult, but I don't really
understand the flow of events that happens within OpenMap.

Could someone perhaps give me a pointer?

Cheers all,

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