[OpenMap Users] Questions on how to use OpenMap as an applet which uses data from server

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel_at_isi.wat.waw.pl>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:50:26 +0200

Hi I am now experiencing some problems with teh open map as an applet. I
written my own applet so it would be downloaded from the server and it
contains openmap. But i ve got some issues that i cannot solve:
1. i am using the CADRG MAPS, those are the spatial data which requires
large amount of memory about 2MB and the question is should i put the
data into the jar file, or should i put the data on the server and
download it or should i simply load the resources on the client.
Ofcourse the 3 option is the worst becouse i do not want the spatial
data to be accessable on the client maschine outside the applet.
(additional info to the first option how to load a map using properties
file from local applet resources??)
2. Concerning properties configuration (same as the map) where it should
be placed inside jar and how to load it??
3. Is there a chance that i could load only a part of CADRG map and the
load the rest if neccessery?? so that i could minimize the size of used
memory during the execution of the applet??

Please let me know about anything on those matters, if somebody have
used the openMap as an applet i would like to listen to some other
features/problems he had encountered.

Thank You again.

Mariusz Chmielewski

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