[OpenMap Users] Corba support package

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel21_at_tlen.pl>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 22:16:56 +0200

Hi everybody,

I am trying to get in touch with anyone who used this packege. If
someone has overloaded the mechanisms provieded in the example with full
understaning I would be greatful for the hints. My biggest problem is
the lack of the rest of sources for this packege (the full packege in
jar is provided but in sources i cannot find anything). I am trying to
design the similar RMI based mechanism for wrorking with the CADRG map
and i am not sure if i shout base the mechanism on SimpleHttpServer or
provide the whole RMI mechanism as in CORBA example. I would like to
state that the client softwer will be an applet and the server side will
be chosen based on the best end effective method of providing the RPF
map. On the client side i would like to have other layer such as
graphics so i need the server side and the whole mechanism to provide
the map data only.

I would be very gratful for any comments on presented the ideas, and
their effectivess as well. Thank You in advance.


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