[OpenMap Users] Is the Java3D functionality still supported?

From: Esposito, Christopher <christopher.esposito_at_boeing.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 11:21:11 -0800

    For one of my projects I'm interested in using the openmap Java3D
viewer referred to in FAQ 7.11 but the state of the implementation and
support for this is unclear to me.

The `ant j3d' build target called from the top-level openmap directory
failed in an odd way, claiming that the build.xml file in the j3d src
directory didn't exist when it clearly did. Invoking ant as: ant
-Dj3d.src="./src/j3d" j3d got rid of the error message, though.

Some of the comments in package.html in
openmap-4.6.2\src\j3d\com\bbn\openmap\tools\j3d refer to things that
aren't completely implemented yet (as of the 2/14/2003 date on that
file), and the package.html for the Pilot plugin (with the same
timestamp) refers to "issues that still need to be sorted out".

A search on the mailing list archives for 'j3d' only turned up messages
no more recent than 2003. Does this indicate that the j3d stuff has died
a quiet death, or has / is anybody using it?


Chris Esposito, Ph.D.
Associate Technical Fellow
(425) 865-5322

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