[OpenMap Users] Question about java 3D surface generation from DTED data

From: Esposito, Christopher <christopher.esposito_at_boeing.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 12:00:18 -0800

Hi all,
   prior to Christmas I finally ironed out my DTED viewing and Java 3D
installation problems (thanks to those on this list and the Java3D forum
for their help), so I can now successfully load and view (in 2D) some
DTED for the southern Arizona border, and then bring up a java3d scene.
What I was expecting / hoping to see in the 3D scene was some sort of 3D
surface that represented the varying elevations in the DTED data but I
didn't see anything I recognized as that. Was this an unreasonable
expectation? Is this not implemented, or is there still some setting I
have to work out?


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