[OpenMap Users] OpenMap 4.6.3 has been released!

From: Bill Mackiewicz <bmackiew_at_bbn.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 23:12:02 -0500

We've released version 4.6.3 of OpenMap(tm) at


OpenMap is open source software. Note that for this release of
OpenMap, you must use Java 1.4.

See http://openmap.bbn.com/CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.

OpenMap is a JavaBeans-based toolkit for building applications and
applets needing geographic information. Using OpenMap components,
you can access data from legacy applications, in-place, in a
distributed setting. At its core, OpenMap is a set of Swing
components that understand geographic coordinates. These components
help you show map data and help you handle user input events to
manipulate that data.

OpenMap is a trademark of BBNT Solutions LLC.


See http://openmap.bbn.com for OpenMap(tm) info.
Use openmap_at_spam_me_not.bbn.com for OpenMap questions.
Remove the "spam_me_not." part first!

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