[OpenMap Users] RPF Memory Issues with CIB

From: Chris Paul <chris.paul_at_issinc.com>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 09:57:23 -0600

Hi all,


This is my first email to the list, so please be gentle.


I'd like to get some opinions on a memory issue we've run into. When working
with satellite imagery and CADRG projections, our server/application
frequently runs out of memory. This occurs when a user zooms down into CIB
range on several different maps, or when several users zoom into CIB range
on different maps. A new RPF layer is created for each user or map display
and each of these layers is necessarily very large. We'd like to figure out
a way to reduce the memory footprint of the RPF layer (which typically
allocates about 400MB). Are there settings available to lower this number? I
have 2GB of memory, and have increased my heap size to 1GB, which simply
delays the problem, allowing me to get 3-4 maps going, instead of 1-2 (at


Any other ideas for addressing this issue?


(This is similar to the following issues on the mailing list archive:




Thanks in advance,

Chris Paul

Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS)

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