[OpenMap Users] Superfluous conversions when writing Shapefiles

From: Peter Slizik <peter.slizik_at_savba.sk>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 11:08:55 +0200

    Dear OpenMappers,

I'm an absolute newbie in the field of GISes, so please apologize me, if this
question is a bit trivial.

I'm developing a simple mapping application and I need to write ESRI/Shapefile
files from within a Java application. There being no single-purpose Java
Shapefile library, I downloaded the OpenMap package. Soon I realized it
requires the input data in radians/degrees. I consider it rather troublesome,
as my input data are in meters and the outputs are also required in meters.
Thus the double conversion to and back from radians is superflous and will
result in loss of precision (converting from integers to floats and back to
int's). Moreover, I don't want to mess with projections, as my data are in
somewhat queer coordinate system. Is there a way to avoid these unnecessary

Thank you for your advice,

-- Peter Slizik

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