Re: [OpenMap Users] recommendations for bike route planning software

From: Geoffrey Knauth <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 17:23:54 -0400

This is a great idea. Personally I'd like to find a bike route
between Hanscom Field (Bedford MA) and Cambridge that is downhill
both ways.

In all seriousness though, the elevation data can be gotten from SRTM
( ). But imagine biking through a Greek
village (up and down, up and down, ...). If you didn't use the
finest resolution data, you might lose the hilliness in the
averages. Also, you'd want road condition and road width and traffic...

Shortest path info by street might be available commercially. I
don't know who would have all the street info publicly available. If
it were, you could roll your own shortest path algorithm.

As for travel calculations, I found when the elevation change was
just 100' over 10 miles, for some reason (being out of shape?) it
took me 30% longer to cover the distance going uphill.

Geoffrey S. Knauth |
On May 31, 2006, at 00:16, John Didion wrote:
> With all the tools/data available today, it seems like it should be  
> possible to write an application to do the following:
> Given a starting and ending address, generate the N shortest routes  
> between the two points
> For each route, get the latitude/longitude coordinates for each  
> point along the route at M meter intervals
> Get the elevation E of each point
> Calculate the actual surface distance of each route by summing the  
> distance between each set of consecutive points: sqrt(M^2 + (E Ė  
> Eprevious)^2)
> Calculate the time to travel each route using some calculation I  
> havenít figured out yet
>  Iím confident I can figure out how to do it given the right tool 
> (s) and dataset(s). My questions for the group: 1) is OpenMap the  
> right tool for this? 2) what datasets should I use?
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