RE: [OpenMap Users] recommendations for bike route planning

From: maner <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 08:34:23 -0400 (EDT)

See for some (2,3,5) of your points.


From: John Didion []
Sent: mercoledý 31 maggio 2006 6.17
Subject: [OpenMap Users] recommendations for bike route planning software

With all the tools/data available today, it seems like it should be
possible to write an application to do the following:

1. Given a starting and ending address, generate the N shortest routes
between the two points
2. For each route, get the latitude/longitude coordinates for each point
along the route at M meter intervals
3. Get the elevation E of each point
4. Calculate the actual surface distance of each route by summing the
distance between each set of consecutive points: sqrt(M^2 + (E –
5. Calculate the time to travel each route using some calculation I
haven’t figured out yet

I’m confident I can figure out how to do it given the right tool(s) and
dataset(s). My questions for the group: 1) is OpenMap the right tool for
this? 2) what datasets should I use?

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