Re: [OpenMap Users] OMGraphicHandlerLayer's mouseModes issue

From: Stéphane Wasserhardt <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:14:44 +0200
Hi Don,

It's exactly the problem. I already found that calling setupMouseModeWithLayers() would solve the problem, but then I have to get the layers array from the layer which want to set new mouse modes ids list.
In order to get this array, my layer needs to hold a reference to the layerHandler (since the MouseDelegator doesn't give public access to its "currentLayers" mermber), which is something I'd like to avoid. So this solution is not a really good one for me.
That's why the only way I found to call setupMouseModeWithLayers() was to subclass the MouseDelegator in order to add the following methods :

    public Layer[] getCurrentLayers() {
return currentLayers;
public void layersMouseModesChanged() {

Note that the latter one is not really needed, it's just a helper...

The only bad thing about this workaround is that I must ensure I'm using this new MouseDelegator class in my application, and my layer must check if the MouseDelegator is an instance of this class to call the layersMouseModesChanged() method...
Maybe adding a "getCurrentLayers()" method in MouseDelegator would be an improvement for future releases ? That's not necessary at all since the layer can get a reference to the layerHandler through the beanMembership... I don't really know what's the best way to handle this...

Thank you for your help, and also for the "graphics.create()" hint (for paintListeners) !


Le 23:43 12/09/2006,Don Dietrick écrit:
Hi Stephane,

It looks like everything gets reset when the layers change in the 
MapBean, i.e. when the LayerHandler sends out it's LayerEvent that 
the MapBean (and LayerMenu/MouseDelegator) receive.

You can get the MouseDelegator to reset the ids programatically by 
calling setupMouseModeWithLayers(Layer[]).

- Don

On Sep 8, 2006, at 9:19 AM, Stéphane Wasserhardt wrote:

Hello !

I think there's an issue with the "setMouseModeIDsForEvents" method 
in OMGraphicHandlerLayer.

Here is what I understood :

This method is called in OMGraphicHandlerLayer.setProperty(...), 
that is to say BEFORE the layer is added to the beanContext.
When the layer is added to the beanContext, an event is fired. This 
event reaches the mouseDelegator which calls its 
"setupMouseModeWithLayers" method. Then the mouseDelegator will 
forward any mouse events to the layer if the current mouse mode id 
is one of the ids given in setMouseModeIDsForEvents.
The same thing also happens when a new mouseMode is added to the 

Here is the issue I found :

I put all mouseModes and all layers I need in the beanContext. 
AFTER that, I change the mouseModeIDs of one of the 
OMGraphicsHandlerLayers, using setMouseModeIDsForEvents.
No more layers and no more mouseModes will be added the the 
beanContext after that, so no event will ever reach the 
The mouseDelegator's setupMouseModeWithLayers method will never be 
called again, that's why the layer will not recieve any awaited 
mouse events :-(

Maybe I'm missing something here...
If this is a real bug, I don't know how to properly correct it, 
because I'm not used enough to this mechanism.
I think I will use some kind of workaround for the moment, until I 
recieve some answer from this list...
So, any comments would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!!


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