Re: [OpenMap Users] Rotation of map in Lambert projection

From: Rob Ratcliff <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:05:08 -0600

Speaking of the Lambert projection, shouldn't one be able to use this
projection to convert from State-plane coordinates to Lat/Lon and

I tried it using this approach:

            LatLonPoint center = new LatLonPoint(30.1167,-100.3333);
            LambertConformal lambert = new
LambertConformal(center,1000000.0f, 500,500,
30.11666666666667, 31.88333333333333,
            Point2D pt = new Point2D.Double();
            lambert.LLToWorld(30.015643,-98.179725, pt);
and get this:
            Point2D.Double[0.039672363330592424, 1.6755878139863907]

I should be getting numbers for easting and northing in the hundreds of
thousands to millions.

Does anybody know how to transform these numbers into Easting and
Northing in meters or feet?

(I need to be able to convert back and forth in order to display some
imagery data from a server that expects the bounding box to be specified
in the state-plane coordinate system.)



p.s. Here is the definition of the SP coordinate system I'm using:

 * 32139 NAD_1983_StatePlane_Texas_Central_FIPS_4203
 * lines.append("<ENVELOPE minx='3112576.5229230225'
miny='10112154.75590226' " +
 * "maxx='3112956.9819749305' maxy='10112501.491367795' " +
 * "name='Initial_Extent' />");

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