[OpenMap Users] How to export coord info to clipboard (UNCLASSIFIED)

From: Lackey, Michael B. \(SED/BTI\) <"Lackey,>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:37:23 -0500

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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Hello All,

Question for the group.

When using OpenMap, vanilla installation, no mods, would like to
right-click and have the s/w place the coord info (lat/lon, or even
better UTM) on the clipboard. Such that it can then be copied (pasted)
into another app.

Searched the arhives for "clipboard", not much luck.

Browsing the source, I see that file CoordMouseMode.java derives from
AbstractMouseMode, and has access to current coord info.

So I think it might be possible to modify the source, and override
AbstractMouseMode.MouseClick(). But I'm rather not modify the source,
if there's an alternative.

Question: is it possible to add a layer which does noting more than
catch mouse events and export data to the clipboard? As outlined in the
FAQ? This requires registering a mouse listener with the MapBean? If
this info is already in the list archives, please point it out.

I realize I'm at 30,000 ft. and asking a 3,000 ft question, but time is
(as always) of the essence.

Mike Lackey
Brockwell Technologies, Inc.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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