[OpenMap Users] Loading non-conforming VMap VPF data

From: Koh, Shalin <Shalin.Koh_at_thalesgroup.com.au>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 12:12:13 +0800

Hi everyone,


My company has developed a Java application that uses OpenMap to parse
directories of VMap data. The application retrieves the OMGraphics
representing the features (e.g. roads, oceans), converts them to a
custom format, then displays them on a map using its own display


Our customer has provided us with VMap data that does not conform to the
"Interface Standard for Vector Product Format" (MIL-STD-2407). This is
not an ideal situation, however we have a requirement to support this
non-conforming data. The following are the issues we have discovered:

(1) The mandatory LAT (library attribute table) file is missing from the
database directory (see section of MIL-STD-2407 for info about
the LAT file).

(2) The TILEREF.AFT (area feature table) and FBR (face bounding
rectangle) files within the TILEREF directory are referring to tile
directories that do not exist within the coverage directories (see
section for info about the area feature table).


Our application uses the com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf.LibrarySelectionTable
class to determine the features that are available in the VMap database
directory. As the LibrarySelectionTable#addDataPath(String) method uses
the LAT file to retrieve the names of the library directories, our
application could not load the VMap source. We worked around the issue
and discovered that our application still could not draw the features on
the map - this was due to the TILEREF.AFT problem. A FormatException was
being thrown in the
.) method due to trying to access tile directories that did not exist on
the file system. We also managed to work around this issue.


We were wondering if anyone else had encountered non-conforming data
like this before. Please let me know if being able to handle this data
would be useful to the community. If so, I would be happy to spend some
time working on a more generic solution and submit a patch for OpenMap.



Shalin Koh.


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