Package com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.dted

Interface Summary
DTEDConstants An interface that contains constants used by various classes in the package.
DTEDNameTranslator An interface that defines a object that knows how to define the name of a DTED file from a set of coordinates and dted level, and also knows how to translate the name of a DTED file to it's coverage coordinates and level.

Class Summary
DTEDAdmin DTEDAdmin is a utility class that finds DTED frame files in order to copy or delete them.
DTEDDirectoryHandler DTEDDirectoryHandler is a wrapper for a DTEDNameTranslator used for a DTED directory.
DTEDFrame The DTEDFrame is the representation of the DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) data from a single dted data file.
DTEDFrameCache The DTEDFrameCache is an object that retrieves DTED paths, frames or elevation values, given a latitude, longitude and dted level.
DTEDFrameCacheHandler The DTEDFrameCacheHandler is a cache for objects being rendered on the map as a result of reading in DTED data.
DTEDFrameUtil This class does the conversions that are required for converting latitudes and longitudes into filenames, and from string values of latitudes and longitudes from within a DTED file to float values.
DTEDLocator DTEDLocator finds DTED frame files, and organizes them by level, longitude and latitude.
DTEDSlopeGenerator The DTEDSlopeGenerator is an extension to the SlopeGenerator that uses OMScalingRasters for images created from the DTED data.
OMDTEDGrid The OMDTEDGrid is an extended OMGrid with information about the lat/lons of the corners of the grids, so the generators can use OMScalingRasters for precise alignment.
StandardDTEDNameTranslator A class implementing the DTEDNameTranslator interface that handles DTED file names as specified in the DTED specification.

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