Package com.bbn.openmap.gui

This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components.


Interface Summary
HelpMenu This interface is to be used by objects added to the OpenMap BeanContext.
HelpMenuItems An object that has MenuItems which should be shown under HelpMenu should implement this interface.
MapPanel The MapPanel is a interface describing a component that contains a MapBean, MapHandler, menu widgets and all the other components connected to make an OpenMap map widget.
MapPanelChild A simple interface to let an object know it wants to be added to the MapPanel, and where it would like to be placed.
MenuBarMenu An empty interface, used to designate a JMenu that should be added to the MenuBar if found within the BeanContext.
MenuItems This interface should be used for objects representing a group of MenuItem(s) that should be added to a Menu.
Tool Represents an item on the ToolPanel.

Class Summary
AbstractOpenMapMenu Abstract Menu Object that takes care of common bean context-related functionality.
BasicMapPanel The BasicMapPanel is a MapPanel and OMComponentPanel that is the heart of the OpenMap application framework.
CombinedCoordPanel A JPanel containing a tabbed set of CoordPanels.
ControlMenu This Menu, by default, holds a menu option to control the mouse modes, change the background color of the map, and a button to toggle the ToolPanel on and off.
CoordPanel CoordPanel is a simple gui with entry boxes and labels for latitude and longitude.
DefaultHelpMenu HelpMenu is instance of JMenu.
DistQuickTool The distance quicktool is a Tool object that uses an embedded mouse mode to measure distance on the map.
DMSCoordPanel DMSCoordPanel is a simple gui with entry boxes and labels for Degree-Minute-Second representation of latitude and longitude.
DockMapPanel The DockMapPanel is a MapPanel that uses a DockPanel for its layout.
EmbeddedNavPanel A panel with map navigation widgets.
EmbeddedScaleDisplayPanel A panel that listens for projection changes and draws a little legend line on itself with a distance.
FileMenu FileMenu creates AboutMenuItem, SavePropertiesMenuItem, SaveImageMenuItem, ExitMenuItem.
GoToMenu Menu that keeps track of different saved map views (lat/lon, scale and projection type), and provides a way to set the map projection to those views.
GridBagToolBar JToolBar with a GridBagLayout to have a more compressed look.
HotwashPanel The HotwashPanel is an OMComponentPanel that has a set of sliders built-in.
LayerAddPanel Class to interactively add a Layer to the map.
LayerControlButtonPanel A OMComponentPanel that provides controls to manupulate layer order in the LayersPanel, and to provide add layer and delete layer buttons.
LayerPane A LayerPane is a single instance of how a layer represented in the LayersPanel.
LayersMenu The LayersMenu is a JMenu which is a list of the layers of the map.
LayersPanel The LayersPanel displays the list of layers that OpenMap can display.
LayerStatusPane A LayerStatusPane is an extension to the LayerPane, where it is a listener to the Layer and shows the layer status in the GUI.
MapWindow The MapWindow is a window with the basics - MapBean, MouseDelegator, SelectMouseMode, LayerHandler.
MenuBar The MenuList should create and load this with the menus it it has found.
MGRSCoordPanel MGRSCoordPanel is a simple gui with an entry box for a MGRS coordinate.
MouseModeButtonPanel The MouseModeButtonPanel is an alternative to the MouseModePanel.
MouseModePanel MouseModePanel displays the mouse modes available to the map, as a popup option menu.
NavigateMenu Provides MenuItems that lets users control the projection.
NavigatePanel A Navigation Rosette Bean.
OMComponentPanel The OMComponentPanel is a convenient super class intended to provide an easy way to extend JPanel while also implementing the common functions of an OMComponent (PropertyConsumer, BeanContextMembershipListener and BeanContextChild).
OMControlPanel The OMControlPanel is an all-in-one panel that holds an overview map, pan and zoom buttons, projection stack buttons, scale text field and a LayersPanel.
OMGraphicDeleteTool The OMGraphicDeleteTool is a Swing component that contains a button that listens for notifications that tell it that an OMGraphic has been 'selected', and provides the capability to delete that OMGraphic from the component that manages it.
OMToolComponent The OMToolComponent is an extension to OMComponentPanel that provides a little support for those components that are also OpenMap Tools.
OMToolSet The OMToolSet bundles other control beans, and is a Tool used in the OpenMap application.
OpenMapFrame The OpenMapFrame is the application window frame that holds the MapPanel, and eventually the MapBean.
OverlayMapPanel An extension of the BasicMapPanel that uses an OverlayLayout on the panel in the BorderLayout.CENTER position.
OverviewMapHandler The OverviewMapHandler contains a MapBean that contains a projection that reflects another MapBean's projection.
ProjectionStackTool The ProjectionStackTool contains buttons that can trigger a ProjectionStack to change a projection of a MapBean to a previous projection, or to a later projection if the active projection is in the middle of the stack.
ScaleTextPanel The ScaleTextPanel is a JPanel holding a JTextField that controls and responds to the scale setting of a MapBean's projection.
ScrollPaneWindowSupport The ScrollPaneWindowSupport class does the same thing as WindowSupport, it just wraps content in a JScrollPane.
ToolPanel Represents the toolbar containing tools to apply to the map.
UserGuideMenuItems This class provides MenuItems that get added under HelpMenu.
UTMCoordPanel UTMCoordPanel is a simple gui with entry boxes and labels for Zone number and letters, and easting and northing representation of latitude and longitude.
WindowSupport The WindowSupport class provides support for managing JFrames or JInternalFrames for other components.
ZoomPanel Bean to zoom the Map.

Package com.bbn.openmap.gui Description

This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components. These components have been written to connect to other objects automatically when all objects are added to the MapHandler.

Copyright (C) BBNT Solutions LLC; See for details