Package com.bbn.openmap.graphicLoader.netmap

The netmap plugin package provides the capability to receive output from a NetMap server.


Interface Summary
NetMapConstants This interface describes the different constant settings used for the NetMapEvent properties.

Class Summary
Line Object that represents a NetMap link on the map.
LineCache The holder for Lines on the map.
NetMapConnectionHandler The NetMapConnectionHandler is an extension to the GraphicLoaderConnector that looks for a NetMapConnector object in the MapHandler.
NetMapConnector The NetMapConnector is the bridge between the parser from the output of the NetMap server (NetMapReader), and whoever wants the OMGraphicList that is being managed.
NetMapEvent Event that represents a status update from a NetMap server.
NetMapGraphicLoader The NetMapGraphicLoader is a component that can listen to a NetMapConnector, receive and interpret NetMapEvents, and draw the resulting network on the map.
NetMapListenerSupport NetMapListenerSupport is used to manage NetMapListeners, and to distribute NetMapEvents to them.
NetMapReader The NetMapReader is the class that makes actual contact with the NetMap server and maintains the connection to it.
Node Object that represents a NetMap node on the map.
NodeCache A holder for all the nodes on the map.
NodeColor A utility class that contains pre-determined node colors that mean something in the NetMap world.

Package com.bbn.openmap.graphicLoader.netmap Description

The netmap plugin package provides the capability to receive output from a NetMap server. NetMap is a BBN product that can provide network topology information. Using the topology output from the NetMap server, connectivity between network components can be visualized over the map.

The main component is the NetMapConnector, which manages the connection to the NetMapServer. It uses the NetMapReader to parse the NetMap server stream, creating NetMapEvents for each line of output. These NetMapEvents are distributed to NetMapListeners that have registered themselves with the NetMapConnector.

The NetMapGraphicLoader is a NetMapListener that uses the NetMapEvents to create an OMGraphicList that dipicts the network topology. The NetMapConnectionHandler is an extension of the GraphicLoaderConnector, and is a component that looks in the MapHandler for NetMapConnectors. If a NetMapConnector is found, the NetMapConnectionHandler creates a NetMapGraphicLoader, GraphicLoaderPlugIn, and eventually a PlugInLayer to use to display the network on the map.

For general OpenMap use, the NetMapConnectionHandler and NetMapConnector are the only two objects that need to be created and added to the file in the openmap.components property. The other components will be automatically created as needed.

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