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Packages that use RenderingHintsRenderPolicy
com.bbn.openmap The com.bbn.openmap package contains the core OpenMap classes. 
com.bbn.openmap.layer.policy Contains policy objects that affect the behavior of OMGraphicHandlerLayers. 

Uses of RenderingHintsRenderPolicy in com.bbn.openmap

Fields in com.bbn.openmap declared as RenderingHintsRenderPolicy
protected  RenderingHintsRenderPolicy HintsMapBeanRepaintPolicy.hints

Methods in com.bbn.openmap that return RenderingHintsRenderPolicy
 RenderingHintsRenderPolicy HintsMapBeanRepaintPolicy.getHints()

Methods in com.bbn.openmap with parameters of type RenderingHintsRenderPolicy
 void HintsMapBeanRepaintPolicy.setHints(RenderingHintsRenderPolicy rhrp)

Uses of RenderingHintsRenderPolicy in com.bbn.openmap.layer.policy

Subclasses of RenderingHintsRenderPolicy in com.bbn.openmap.layer.policy
 class BufferedImageRenderPolicy
          The BufferedImageRenderPolicy is a RenderPolicy that creates and uses an image buffer based on the painting times for the layer.
 class PanningImageRenderPolicy
          The PanningImageRenderPolicy renders all OMGraphics into a buffering image, and responds to projection changes by immediately rendering a translated version of the image at a new projection location before calling prepare() on the layer to get the OMGraphics for the new projection and untranslated image.

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