This package provides a way to create MIL-STD-2525B compliant symbols.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
CodeAffiliation The CodeAffiliation CodePosition presents options for symbols, noting that the symbol represents a friend, foe or unknown.
CodeBattleDimension The CodeBattleDimension CodePositions notes whether the symbol represents an object in space, in the air, on the ground, surface of the water or underneath the water.
CodeCategory The CodeCategory CodePosition is used by Tactical Graphics to note the types of activities that a symbol represents - tasks, general maneuvers, support.
CodeFunctionID The CodeFunctionID CodePosition represents a single level of the part of the tree that starts to really scope in on a symbol's purpose.
CodeMETOCCategory A CodeMETOCCategory is similar to the Tactical Graphics CodeCategory, but it applies to the METOC symbol set instead.
CodeMOOTWCategory A CodeMOOTWCategory is similar to the Tactical Graphics CodeCategory, but it applies to the MOOTW symbol set instead.
CodeMOOTWModifier A CodeMOOTWCategory is similar to the CodeModifier CodeCategory, but it applies to the MOOTW symbol set instead.
CodeOptions CodeOptions represent a set of CodePositions that can be chosen for a particular SymbolPart.
CodeOrderOfBattle The CodeOrderOfBattle CodePosition handles the 15th character in most symbol codes.
CodePosition The CodePosition class is a base class used to interpret and organize role settings for a symbol.
CodePositionTree The CodePositionTree is a CodeScheme CodePosition object that has some intelligence on how to starting building the SymbolPart tree for the SymbolReferenceLibrary.
CodeScheme The CodeScheme represents the options presented in the first character of the 15 character symbol code.
CodeSizeModifier The CodeSizeModifier is a CodeModifier for the tactical graphics scheme set, for code symbol positions 11 and 12.
CodeStatus The CodeStatus CodePosition is used to mark and anticipated or planned object, or one that is currently present.
CodeWarfightingModifier The CodeWarfightingModifier CodePosition defines different modifiers used for symbols in the warfighting scheme.
SVGSourceFileReorganizer SVGSourceFileReorganizer is a simple utility that takes the source SVG files from the DISA package and reorganizes them into a simplier file structure that OpenMap classes can use.
SymbolChooser The SymbolChooser is a GUI symbol builder.
SymbolPart The SymbolPart class represents one part in a hierarchy of pieces needed to represent an actual symbol.
SymbolPartTree The SymbolPartTree is a SymbolPart that serves as the top node of the SymbolPart tree.
SymbolReferenceLibrary The SymbolReferenceLibrary is a organizational class for creating and managing a SymbolPart tree.

Package Description

This package provides a way to create MIL-STD-2525B compliant symbols. The SymbolChooser class provides a GUI to selecting icons, and can be run in standalone mode to figure out a symbol code to use for the SymbolReferenceLibrary.

The SymbolReferenceLibrary is the main class to use to create images, though. It parses the file to create the symbology tree, and parses the file to create a different tree for understanding the significance of different positions in the symbol code. The SymbolReferenceLibrary use SymbolImageMakers to create the icon based on a symbol code.

Not all symbols have been implemented, we hope to add to them over time. The SymbolChooser lets you wander through the tree to find the icon that suites your need. We're including a set of 100x100 pixel GIF icons that can be used with the GIFSymbolImageMaker. DISA makes a set of SVG files that can also be used by people who meet their distribution criteria. You'll need the Batik package ( jar files in your classpath to be able to use these files, in addition to the omsvg.jar file from the OpenMap package. In addition, the DISA symbol files come in a large directory tree, and for use with the OpenMap code, they need to be reorganized so that all of the .svg files are in one directory or in the top level of a jar file. The SVGSymbolImageMaker can be used with those .svg files.

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