Interface Taskable

All Superinterfaces:
java.awt.event.ActionListener, java.util.EventListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
DateLayer, LabelLayer

public interface Taskable
extends java.awt.event.ActionListener

Taskables are ActionListeners that respond to events from Timers. If a Taskable has been added to a Timer's queue, it will receive actionPerformed() notifications each time the timer expires.

Some OpenMap Layers are Taskables. These layers expect to refresh their graphics at a certain rate.

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Method Summary
 int getSleepHint()
          Get the sleep hint in milliseconds.
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Method Detail


int getSleepHint()
Get the sleep hint in milliseconds. The Taskable implementation should determine the sleep (delay) interval between invocations of its actionPerformed().

NOTE: this is only a hint for the timer. It's the Taskable's responsibility to determine if too little or too much time has elapsed between invocations of actionPerformed().

int milliseconds of sleep interval

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