[OpenMap Users] OmScalingRaster

From: Marklund David <damak_at_wmdata.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 21:40:50 +0100

Hi all,
I have asked this before, but since I have not got it working yet, I
will ask again.

I am using a OMScalingRaster to display a depth colored layer.
(http://labba.smhi.se/seatrack user openmap, passwd openmap)

The depth layer does not seem to center around the same point each time
you zoom or pan.
It looks like the depth layer moves a bit compared to the coastline and
other layers.

This from the source file of OMScalingRaster

* This is an extension to OMRaster that automatically scales itelf to
 * match the current projection. It is only lat/lon based, and takes
 * the coordinates of the upper left and lower right corners of the
 * image. It does straight scaling - it does not force the image
 * projection to match the map projection! So, your mileage may vary
 * - you have to understand the projection of the image, and know how
 * it fits the projection type of the map. Of course, at larger
 * scales, it might not matter so much.

But what does this mean ? 'Understand the projection of the image'
What should I look for ?


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