Re: [OpenMap Users] WMS client in OpenMap

From: Bart Jourquin <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 18:13:47 +0100

Le jeudi 09 décembre 2004 à 11:33 -0500, Don Dietrick a écrit :

> Hi Bart,
> Sounds like the Projection class should be able to provide the CRS code
> if it can. Heck, that could even be a property setting in case you
> want to customize it a little.
> I'm pretty sure WMS servers aren't required to support all projections,

A lot of server can handle these requests, at least for mercator and
orthographic projections.

> only the 4326. The getCapabilities() request is one way to find out
> what projection types are supported, but OpenMap's WMS client doesn't
> have a getCapabilities() transaction (although it needs one, to figure
> out what layers/projections are available, it would be great).

I've written something, that could probably be improved, mainly because
I'm not sure how to correctly parse xml files (format used by
getCapabilities). Attached to this mail. Needs Xerces, and a
"checklistbox" component, but that could be replaced by another gui


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