[OpenMap Users] A.TOC Work But no rpf maps shown in openmap example

From: Steve Frierdich <sfrierdich_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 09:06:59 -0500

I am having the problems getting RPF maps to display in the openmap
example. I followed all the steps as described in open maps but the RPF
maps do not appear in the openmap example application when the RPF maps
are added as a layer to the openmap application and selected in the
Layer menu. <>
I have two RPF directories that contain the RPF files located on the
hard drive at C:\MAPDATA\RPF\CONC. The directories 1 and 2 are the two
directories that contain the rpf files. So I made a toc file as
indicated by the openmap information: <>

On the command prompt in the openmap\classses directory I type in just
as it said in the link to make the A.TOC file :

C:\openmap\classes> java com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf.MakeToc

The A.TOC file is made and placed in the openmap\bin directory.

I placed that A.TOC file into the C:\MAPDATA\RPF\CONC directory , and it
is this A.TOC file that will be used to add a layer in the openmap
application. I started openmap application by running the openmap,bat
file from the command line, next change the projection to CADRG, and
then added the RPF layer using the Layer/Add Layers menu option (Figure
1, see attached word document for Figures). The RPF attribute settings
were left as default except or the location attribute to to the A.TOC
file and the layer name. (Figure 2). The RPF was added as an option in
the Layer menu with optiona name being titled CONC. With just the CONC
and the Graticule layers checked in the Layer menu (Figure3) only the
Graticule layer was displayed and no RPF map was displayed (Figure 4).
Can you tell me why this is? Displayed in Figure 5 is the RPF maps I am
trying to get displayed in the openmap example. Figure 5 displays the
maps in active X map server that was I programmed in a Visual C++
program.. This is what I am expecting to see in the openamaps. Is there
a something I am overlooking or maybe missing. Or maybe it could be the
RPF Layer map themselves. The RPF maps that are shown in Figure 5 are
NIMA maps, but I am not sure which MIL standard they follow. If anyone
has any advice on what I am doing wrong please let me know.



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