[OpenMap Users] Some beginner questions

From: Stéphane WASSERHARDT <stephane.wasserhardt_at_magellium.fr>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:09:13 +0200

Hello list !!

I’m new to OpenMap, and I have some questions before starting my OpenMap
project :

1) TILING : It seems that OM doesn’t support tiled images (correct me if I’m
wrong). Did someone already worked on tiled images, like Tiff or GeoTiff ?
Is there a way to load only a region of an image when "repainting" a layer ?
(instead of loading the whole image etc...)

2) JPEG2000 support : I know there's no official JPEG2000 "Layer" or
"Plugin" in OpenMap, but maybe some work has been done by someone. I think
using JPEG2000 rasters would be great because this format allows direct
reading of an image at a given scale ; it could save a lot of scaling
processing time... (Note that JPG2K also supports tiling) If you have any
information about this, it would be kind to let me know :)

3) Viewer DEMO : I played a bit with the demo included in the OpenMap
distribution, and saw that the refreshing time was quite long. That's not a
problem for my application, but the most annoying thing is that when the
view is refreshed, the map disappears. It would be better if the refresh
process took place in a buffer and waited for all layers to be drawn on the
buffer before refreshing the view on the screen... I saw in the doc that
there are some "Buffered" classes. So I imagine that they are designed to
avoid that kind of refreshing problems. But then, why weren't these classes
used in the viewer demo ?? (I may be wrong : perhaps these classes ARE used
in the demo, but they do not consider the problem exposed here...)

4) TRANSPARENCY : Is it possible to specify transparency for layers,
including raster layers ? I really need this functionality, and I wasn't
able to find it using the viewer demo except with the drawing layer (so I
assume transparency is ok at least for vector layers, but what about raster
layers ?)...

I thank you a lot in advance for your answers !

Stéphane W.

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