Re: [OpenMap Users] VMap0 question

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:44:05 -0400

This is my output from DescribeDB:

% java com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf.DescribeDB /data/vpf/vmaplv0/disk0
Path to database: /data/vpf/vmaplv0/disk0
Database Name: vmaplv0
Database Description: Vector Map: a general-purpose database design
to support GIS applications.
Database Libraries: noamer rference

noamer:uses tiled data
noamer:Coverage names:veg libref ind hydro bnd phys tileref pop util
trans elev dq
noamer:veg:Coverage Description: Vegetation
noamer:veg:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:veg:swampa: [area feature] Marshs/Swamps
noamer:veg:cropa: [area feature] Croplands
noamer:veg:tundraa: [area feature] Tundra
noamer:veg:treesa: [area feature] Trees
noamer:veg:grassa: [area feature] Grasslands
noamer:libref:Coverage Description: Library Reference
noamer:libref:Coverage Topology Level: 2
noamer:ind:Coverage Description: Industry
noamer:ind:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:ind:extracta: [area feature] Extraction Areas
noamer:ind:storagep: [entity point feature] Storage Point Features
noamer:ind:indtxt: [text feature] Industry Coverage Text
noamer:ind:misindp: [entity point feature] Miscellaneous Industry
Point Features
noamer:ind:extractp: [entity point feature] Extraction Point Features
noamer:hydro:Coverage Description: Hydrography
noamer:hydro:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:hydro:watrcrsl: [edge feature] Water Courses
noamer:hydro:aquecanl: [edge feature] Aqueducts/Canals/Flumes/Penstocks
noamer:hydro:hydrotxt: [text feature] Hydrography Coverage Text
noamer:hydro:inwatera: [area feature] Inland Water Areas
noamer:hydro:dangerp: [entity point feature] Danger Point Features
noamer:hydro:miscp: [entity point feature] Miscellaneous Point Features
noamer:bnd:Coverage Description: Boundaries
noamer:bnd:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:bnd:bndtxt: [text feature] Boundaries Coverage Text
noamer:bnd:oceansea: [area feature] Oceans/Seas
noamer:bnd:polbndl: [edge feature] Political Boundaries
noamer:bnd:polbnda: [area feature] Administrative Areas
noamer:bnd:depthl: [edge feature] Depth Contours
noamer:bnd:coastl: [edge feature] Coastlines
noamer:bnd:polbndp: [entity point feature] Political Boundary Point
noamer:phys:Coverage Description: Physiography
noamer:phys:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:phys:phystxt: [text feature] Physiography Coverage Text
noamer:phys:seaicea: [area feature] Sea Ice Areas
noamer:phys:grounda: [area feature] Ground Surface Areas
noamer:phys:landicea: [area feature] Snow/Ice Fields and Glaciers
noamer:tileref:Coverage Description: Tile Reference
noamer:tileref:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:pop:Coverage Description: Population
noamer:pop:Coverage Topology Level: 3
noamer:pop:poptxt: [text feature] Population Coverage Text
noamer:pop:builtupa: [area feature] Built-Up Areas
noamer:pop:mispopp: [entity point feature] Miscellaneous Population
noamer:pop:mispopa: [area feature] Miscellaneous Population Areas
noamer:util:Coverage Description: Utilities
noamer:util:Coverage Topology Level: 2
noamer:util:pipel: [edge feature] Pipelines
noamer:util:utilp: [entity point feature] Utility Point Features
noamer:util:utiltxt: [text feature] Utilities Coverage Text
noamer:util:utill: [edge feature] Power Transmission/Telephone/
Telegraph Lines
noamer:util:dqline: [edge feature] Utilities Data Quality Line
Feature Table
noamer:trans:Coverage Description: Transportation
noamer:trans:Coverage Topology Level: 2
noamer:trans:transtrl: [edge feature] Transportation Structures Lines
noamer:trans:rryardp: [entity point feature] Railroad Yard Points
noamer:trans:transtrc: [connected point feature] Transportation
Structures Points
noamer:trans:transtxt: [text feature] Transportation Coverage Text
noamer:trans:railrdl: [edge feature] Railroads
noamer:trans:roadl: [edge feature] Roads
noamer:trans:traill: [edge feature] Trails and Tracks
noamer:trans:aerofacp: [entity point feature] Airport Facilities Points
noamer:trans:mistranl: [edge feature] Miscellaneous Transportation
Line Features
noamer:elev:Coverage Description: Elevation
noamer:elev:Coverage Topology Level: 2
noamer:elev:elevp: [entity point feature] Spot Elevations
noamer:elev:contourl: [edge feature] Elevation Contours
noamer:dq:Coverage Description: Data Quality
noamer:dq:Coverage Topology Level: 3

rference:uses untiled data
rference:Coverage names:libref polbnd dbref placenam
rference:libref:Coverage Description: Library Reference
rference:libref:Coverage Topology Level: 2
rference:polbnd:Coverage Description: Political Entities
rference:polbnd:Coverage Topology Level: 3
rference:dbref:Coverage Description: Database Reference
rference:dbref:Coverage Topology Level: 3
rference:placenam:Coverage Description: Place Names
rference:placenam:Coverage Topology Level: 0

I get this whether or not there are dots at the end of the lat. and
dht. files. Is this different than what you see?

- Don

On Jul 13, 2006, at 3:15 PM, Brian M Dube wrote:

> Hi Don,
> Don Dietrick wrote:
>> On Jul 11, 2006, at 10:29 PM, Brian M Dube wrote:
>>> Thanks for the reply. Does your DescribeDB output include feature
>>> class names? Mine has a line such as
>>> "noamer:veg:FeatureClassNames:" for each coverage, but it never
>>> includes any names.
>> Are you expecting to see specific names of the features?
>> DescribeDB should just be listing the general feature names. Mine
>> does this.
>> If you want to inspect specific files, you can use the
>> com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf.Server class, that should provide more
>> specific information in the files.
> Here's what I've found.
> Data medium: ISO-9660 Level 1
> =============================
> - the application layers work as expected
> - DescribeDB displays feature class names
> - VMAP2Shape encounters null pointer exceptions
> Data medium: v0noa.tar.gz
> ==================================
> - some layers work, while others don't
> - DescribeDB works only after renaming a few files, but I never
> get feature class names
> - VMAP2Shape finds 0 candidates, or null pointer exceptions
> I think I'm getting closer. Thanks for the help.
> Brian
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