[OpenMap Users] Distance Mouse Mode - Redraw issue.

From: <dianefitch_at_comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 07:22:49 -0400

I have a problem with my application, in that when using the DistanceMouseMode, the lines do not get repainted correctly and appear as little dotted segments on the map. (in otherwords all of the line is not redrawn) Until a repaint is forced, these lines stay on the map.

I create a distance line (angled seems to cause the problem) that has several segments. When I move the mouse to the next location, some of the line stays on the map appearing as dots. It seems to be a problem in the paintLine method of the DistanceMouseMode where the XOR is occuring.

I can also get this same problem to occur in the sampe OpenMap Application (4.6.3 and beta 4.6.4) by doing the following.
Use the DistanceMouseMode.
Create several angled line segments.
Move a window over top of the map - (In windows - use alt tab)
Go back to openmap (alt-tab again)
Double Click to "erase" distance line
Some pieces of the line segment are not erased (cause appearance of little dots)

Any hints on why this is happening.


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