Class NavMouseMode2

  extended by com.bbn.openmap.MapHandlerChild
      extended by com.bbn.openmap.OMComponent
          extended by com.bbn.openmap.event.AbstractMouseMode
              extended by com.bbn.openmap.event.CoordMouseMode
                  extended by com.bbn.openmap.event.NavMouseMode
                      extended by com.bbn.openmap.event.NavMouseMode2
All Implemented Interfaces:
MapMouseMode, PaintListener, LightMapHandlerChild, PropertyConsumer, java.awt.event.MouseListener, java.awt.event.MouseMotionListener, java.awt.event.MouseWheelListener, java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextChild, java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextMembershipListener, java.beans.PropertyChangeListener,, java.util.EventListener
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class NavMouseMode2
extends NavMouseMode

The Navigation Mouse Mode interprets mouse clicks and mouse drags to recenter and rescale the map. The map is centered on the location where a click occurs. The difference between this MouseMode and the original NavMouseMode is that the box drawn is interpreted differently. The point where the mouse is pressed is interpreted to be the center of the new zoom area (instead of one of the corners), and the dragged mouse point is the edge of the box, reflected equally on the other side of the center point.

You MUST add this MouseMode as a ProjectionListener to the MapBean to get it to work. If you use a MouseDelegator with the bean, it will take care of that for you.

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Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.NavMouseMode
autoZoom, modeID, point1, point2, rectAttributes
Fields inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.CoordMouseMode
coordFormatter, coordFormatterHandler, CoordFormatterProperty, infoDelegator
Fields inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.AbstractMouseMode
cursor, CursorIDProperty, guiIcon, iconName, IconProperty, ID, IDProperty, logger, mouseSupport, mouseTimer, mouseWheelListener, MouseWheelListenerProperty, mouseWheelTimerInterval, MouseWheelTimerIntervalProperty, mouseWheelTimerListener, MouseWheelZoomProperty, noMouseWheelListenerTimer, NoMouseWheelListenerTimerProperty, prettyName, PrettyNameProperty, propertyChangeSupport, visible, ZOOM_IN, ZOOM_OUT, zoomWhenMouseWheelUp
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i18n, propertyPrefix
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beanContextChildSupport, isolated
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EditorProperty, initPropertiesProperty, LabelEditorProperty, ScopedEditorProperty
Constructor Summary
          Construct a NavMouseMode2.
NavMouseMode2(boolean shouldConsumeEvents)
          Construct a NavMouseMode2.
Method Summary
 void handleMouseReleased(java.awt.event.MouseEvent e)
          Handle a mouseReleased MouseListener event.
protected  void paintRectangle(java.awt.Graphics g, java.awt.Point pt1, java.awt.Point pt2)
          Draws or erases boxes between two screen pixel points.
Methods inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.NavMouseMode
cleanUp, getProperties, getPropertyInfo, getRatioPoint, getRectAttributes, listenerPaint, mouseClicked, mouseDragged, mouseEntered, mouseExited, mouseMoved, mousePressed, mouseReleased, setProperties, setRectAttributes
Methods inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.CoordMouseMode
findAndInit, findAndUndo, fireMouseLocation, getCoordFormatter, getCoordFormatterHandler, getInfoDelegator, propertyChange, setActive, setCoordFormatter, setCoordFormatterHandler, setInfoDelegator
Methods inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.event.AbstractMouseMode
actAsProxyFor, actAsProxyFor, addMapMouseListener, addPropertyChangeListener, getClassToUseForIconRetrieval, getGUIIcon, getIconName, getID, getModeCursor, getMouseSupport, getMouseWheelTimerInterval, getNoMouseWheelListener, getPrettyName, getProxied, getProxyDistributionMask, isConsumeEvents, isMouseWheelListener, isNoMouseWheelListenerTimer, isProxyFor, isVisible, isZoomWhenMouseWheelUp, mouseWheelMoved, releaseProxy, removeAllMapMouseListeners, removeMapMouseListener, removePropertyChangeListener, setConsumeEvents, setGUIIcon, setIconName, setID, setModeCursor, setModeCursor, setMouseSupport, setMouseWheelListener, setMouseWheelTimerInterval, setNoMouseWheelListener, setNoMouseWheelListenerTimer, setPrettyName, setProxyDistributionMask, setVisible, setZoomWhenMouseWheelUp, updateMouseWheelMoved
Methods inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.OMComponent
getPropertyPrefix, setProperties, setPropertyPrefix
Methods inherited from class com.bbn.openmap.MapHandlerChild
addPropertyChangeListener, addVetoableChangeListener, childrenAdded, childrenRemoved, findAndInit, firePropertyChange, fireVetoableChange, getBeanContext, isIsolated, removePropertyChangeListener, removeVetoableChangeListener, setBeanContext, setIsolated
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Constructor Detail


public NavMouseMode2()
Construct a NavMouseMode2. Sets the ID of the mode to the modeID, the consume mode to true, and the cursor to the crosshair.


public NavMouseMode2(boolean shouldConsumeEvents)
Construct a NavMouseMode2. Lets you set the consume mode. If the events are consumed, then a MouseEvent is sent only to the first MapMouseListener that successfully processes the event. If they are not consumed, then all of the listeners get a chance to act on the event.

shouldConsumeEvents - the mode setting.
Method Detail


public void handleMouseReleased(java.awt.event.MouseEvent e)
Handle a mouseReleased MouseListener event. If there was no drag events, or if there was only a small amount of dragging between the occurrence of the mousePressed and this event, then recenter the map. Otherwise we get the second corner of the navigation rectangle and try to figure out the best scale and location to zoom in to based on that rectangle.

handleMouseReleased in class NavMouseMode
e - MouseEvent to be handled


protected void paintRectangle(java.awt.Graphics g,
                              java.awt.Point pt1,
                              java.awt.Point pt2)
Draws or erases boxes between two screen pixel points. The graphics from the map is set to XOR mode, and this method uses two colors to make the box disappear if on has been drawn at these coordinates, and the box to appear if it hasn't.

paintRectangle in class NavMouseMode
pt1 - one corner of the box to drawn, in window pixel coordinates.
pt2 - the opposite corner of the box.

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