Interface PaintListener

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AbstractMouseMode, CoordMouseMode, DefaultOverviewMouseMode, DistanceMouseMode, DistQuickTool.MouseMode, EditorLayerMouseMode, MapTileMakerComponent, NavMouseMode, NavMouseMode2, NullMouseMode, OMDrawingTool, OMDrawingToolMouseMode, OMMouseMode, PanMouseMode, RangeRingsMouseMode, SelectMouseMode, TimeSliderPanel.TimeSliderMouseMode, ZoomMouseMode

public interface PaintListener

A PaintListener is an object that wants to know when another object is painted with a java.awt.Graphics object.

Method Summary
 void listenerPaint(java.lang.Object source, java.awt.Graphics graphics)
          Method called when the source object is painted.

Method Detail


void listenerPaint(java.lang.Object source,
                   java.awt.Graphics graphics)
Method called when the source object is painted.

source - the source object, may be null, you need to check.
graphics - the graphics to paint into.

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