Package com.bbn.openmap.proj.coords

Interface Summary
GeoCoordTransformation A GeoCoordTransformation is an object that knows how to translate a set of coordinates from one coordinate system definition to/from a set of decimal degree coordinates.

Class Summary
BoundingBox A Bounding Box.
DatumShiftGCT A CoordinateReferenceSystem to convert a latlon in a given Ellipsoid to/from wgs84.
DMSLatLonPoint Encapsulates a latitude and longitude coordinate in degrees, minutes and seconds as well as the sign.
ECEFPoint From: :
EnuFrame Encapsulates the ENU (East-North-Up) coordinate system.
HelmertTransformation Helmert 7-parameter transformation
LatLonPoint A Point2D representation of LatLonPoints, used integrate with the Projections.
LatLonPoint.Double Double precision version of LatLonPoint.
LatLonPoint.Float The Float version of a LatLonPoint, where coordinates are held to float precision.
MercatorMeterGCT Convert between mercator meters and lat/lon degrees.
MercatorUVGCT Convert between mercator uv coordinates that are used for map tiles and lat/lon degrees.
MGRSPoint A class representing a MGRS coordinate that has the ability to provide the decimal degree lat/lon equivalent, as well as the UTM equivalent.
MultiGCT A GeoCoordTransformation consisting of an ordered list of other GeoCoordTransformation.
NedFrame Encapsulates the NED (North-East-Down) coordinate system.
UPSPoint Class UPSPoint.
UTMPoint A class representing a UTM co-ordinate.
VHTransform The VH coordinate system is used by ATT to compute distance used in determining phone call costs.
ZonedUTMPoint A ZonedUTMPoint is a UTMPoint that handles a MGRS zone letter instead of N or S.

Enum Summary

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