Package com.bbn.openmap.time

Interface Summary
RealTimeHandler The RealTimeHandler interface describes an object that has to deal with a timer that controls time on a different scale.
TimeBoundsHandler Describes a component that listens to TimeBoundsProviders, for the purpose of figuring out the overall time bounds when contributions to the bounds will be made from several other objects, some of which may or may not be active.
TimeBoundsListener A component that is interested in knowing about time bounds, i.e.
TimeBoundsProvider A component that can provide information about a time range it cares about.
TimeEventListener A TimeEventListener is interested in the current time setting, and why the time has changed to that particular value.

Class Summary
Clock The Clock is a controller that manages a Timer in order to support the notion of a time range and a list of objects that can contribute to that time range.
TimeBounds A class for holding a range of times.
TimeBoundsEvent Contains the message from a TimeBoundsHandler to a TimeBoundsListener.
TimeEvent The heartbeat of the application that indicates what the current display time is, for all other components to react to.
TimerRateHolder A convenience class that keeps track of a relationship between real-time changes and scenario-time changes.
TimerStatus TimerStatus objects accompany TimeEvents to describe what's going on with the application clock, or the reason the current time has changed.

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