[OpenMap Users] Auto-zooming map to RpfLayer

From: Zacker, Jeremy <Jeremy.Zacker_at_ngc.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:40:15 -0700

RpfLayer is just one of those things that make me scratch me head.

I have a GUI that allows the user to select an A.TOC from their file system. Once they choose it, I construct an RpfLayer. I am trying to get my MapBean to recenter on the center of the RPF data and zoom to the widest scale which will display the RpfLayer. I used the RpfFrameProvider to calculate the upper left and lower right corners of the map by calling getCatalogCoverage with the whole world as my coverage area. But even when I recenter my map, and rescale it to an appropriate scale to cover the upper left and lower right corners of the RpfLayer, it still won't display the RPF data unless I zoom in (twice).

So how can I determine the scale at which the RpfLayer will display its graphics?

Jeremy Zacker
Northrop Grumman
(732) 530-5063

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