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From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel_at_isi.wat.waw.pl>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 11:01:28 +0200


my cadrg map is placed inside jar in directory data/rpf/
so such path i specify in my properties file
like this cadrgLayer1.paths=data/Rpf/

is there an error???

one more question I have due to the map provided by the
SimpleHttpImageServer does the server provide only chunks of data such
as frames of the map ?? I am asking to predict the maximum bandwitch.
I would like to avoid situations in such the client has problems
downloading the data.

and last but not least i would like to change the GUI look in the applet
like the overview window and the layer panel (use a jtree for example or
jtable) - please write some hints

OpenMap Support napisał(a):

> On Jun 18, 2005, at 4:40 PM, Mariusz Chmielewski wrote:
>> OpenMap Support napisał(a):
>>> Hi Mariusz,
>>> On Jun 17, 2005, at 3:19 AM, Mariusz Chmielewski wrote:
>>>> Recently i had to using the OpenMap implement an applet viewing the
>>>> CADRG data i tried serveral different solutions to achieve that
>>>> and here are some conclutions:
>>>> - including the CADRG data inside the JAR of an applet itself is
>>>> not a grat idea, but i tried it and it is not working the
>>>> framework shows errors taht the A.toc file is wrong i guess that
>>>> Open Map is not able to load CADRG (RPF layer) from inside the JAR
>>> No, the RpfLayer can read data from within a jar. Sounds like a
>>> configuration problem.
>> HOW is that possible i tried it and all i get is wrong A.TOC (while
>> lunching OpenMap from whithin JAR placed on HTML) but when i open it
>> in eclipse (the file structure is the same as in JAR) the open map
>> gets it right??
>> for example Shape files are loaded in two cases properly. Whats wrong??
> I don't know what you've tried, so I don't know what's wrong. Are
> you getting an error? How are you storing the files in the jar file,
> and how are you referencing the RPF directory in your applet
> properties? Where is the A.TOC file in relation to your RPF directory?
>>>> - why do not allow the OpenMap Applet to load data from local
>>>> resources after signing it by the trustred certificate is it so
>>>> hard to implement??
>>> Hopefully someone with experience with signed applets would be
>>> able to answer this for you.
>> I signed the applet and it still daesn't work. I found some hint on
>> openMap page that openmap doeas not allow usege of local resources -
>> thats why i wrote the above statement.
> I've never configured a signed applet to access local resources,
> that's why I was hoping someone who had could help you.
>>>> - what should be done to implement such functionality (on server
>>>> side i implement a service which loads CADRG - and sends only
>>>> scraps of needed data to applet on the client side ) can CADRG
>>>> data be sent over HTTP??
>>> Sure, you can specify the RPF directory as a URL and the frames
>>> will be passed that way.
>> BUT what protocol to use in url??
> http://path_to_RPF_directory_from_webserver_location
>>>> - i read the documentation about the linked layer but i do not
>>>> understand how to provide the data for the linked layer i use
>>>> JBoss Application server (shoud i provide a servlet taht sends
>>>> the byte data for the map) or FTP service on the server??
>>> You would need to implement a LinkServer that provided the
>>> OMRasters for CADRG data, but that would be slow, since the
>>> LinkLayer doesn't know how to cache things from the server, and
>>> you'd be constantly refreshing images with pans and zooms.
>>> There is a CORBA solution for an RPF server in the src/corba tree
>>> that includes the client layer and server, but that really
>>> requires you to be familiar with CORBA configurations.
>>>> Is using applet a wrong idea for my application (shoud i use Web
>>>> Service Instead )??
>>> You could do that as well, but it depends on the connection speed
>>> of the client and the size of the image you are sending (could be
>>> slow). You would configure an ImageServer with a CADRG layer (to
>>> start using a SimpleHttpImageServer), and use a SHISPlugIn to
>>> display images from that image server. If the performance was
>>> acceptable, then you would use the servlet to handle the
>>> connection requests for the ImageServer instead of the
>>> SimpleHttpImageServer, which can't handle heavy client loads.
>> I need to use the openMap applet to allow user the statful control
>> of the map. Is using the SimpleHttpImageServer will help me do so or
>> it will only produce the pictures and send them to client. Becouse
>> if so i do not want to preapere such picture server it doeas not
>> suit the needs.
> I was thinking that you could use the SimpleHttpImageServer to
> provide RPF data on one layer only, for the current projection of the
> map.
>> I saw perfectly suitable app on Your page as example apps which uses
>> OPENMAP - but when i tried to contact the author i didnot get any
>> ansers. (Nest, by Alexander Sokolov, is an information environment
>> for a decision support system. (Use the password "ttt" when
>> prompted, after switching analysis tabs.)) i would like to achieve
>> something like that specially the map resources loading. Any hints??
> I think you are on the right track, you are just having trouble with
> configuration.
> - Don

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