[OpenMap Users] SHISPlugIn and SimpleHttpServer

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel21_at_tlen.pl>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:35:09 +0200

I ve got 3 issues concerning the openmap framework:

1. in properties file I use Polish letters and on the OpenMap panel
those names are shown as rectangles ( i use the UTF-8 encoding) but the
OM seems to omit it.

2. I finally used the SHISPlugIn and SimpleHttpServer to show images but
when i use the navigation pane i get this.

*** ERROR ***
LayerWorker.construct(): java.lang.RuntimeException: JOptionPane:
parentComponent does not have a valid parent
java.lang.RuntimeException: JOptionPane: parentComponent does not have a
valid parent
    at javax.swing.JOptionPane.createInternalFrame(Unknown Source)
    at javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInternalOptionDialog(Unknown Source)
    at javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInternalMessageDialog(Unknown Source)
    at javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInternalMessageDialog(Unknown Source)
    at com.bbn.openmap.Layer.fireRequestMessage(Layer.java:758)
    at com.bbn.openmap.Layer.fireRequestMessage(Layer.java:774)
    at com.bbn.openmap.plugin.PlugInLayer.prepare(PlugInLayer.java:324)
    at com.bbn.openmap.util.SwingWorker$2.run(SwingWorker.java:117)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Overview|Layer: repaint(tm=0, x=0, y=0, width=220, height=100)

what is the problem can anyone tell me.
I suppose to add that i am using my own layer pane based on the JTree
and the whole openmap app is placed on one of the 3 JTabbedPanes.

3 issue. How to present the same map on three different JTabbedPanes, i
am asking becouse if i try to add the MabBean to another pane - the
first one disapears and i can see the last one added??

Thanks in advance for any info

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