[OpenMap Users] WMSPlugin newbie, question

From: Tim Schreiner <tjs_at_ll.mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:19:57 -0400

I have the Openmap sample java applet that I am using to display various
layers of data.

One of the layers is data coming from a WMserver.


I am using Openmap's WMSPlugin and have created these entries in my
openmap.properties file:




wmspi_NHD.prettyName=Cubewerx WMS Server









openmap.layers=date dtlayer distlayer quake daynight cities test graticule
demo shapePolitical wmspi_NHD




I do see the wmspi_NHD layer in the list of layers within the applet's gui,
but when I toggle it on I don't see any of the data from the wmspi_NHD
object and I see this debugging msg in my console window:


Cubewerx WMS Server .addToBeanContext is true

Cubewerx WMS Server |PlugInLayer.prepare()

Cubewerx WMS Server |PlugInLayer.prepare(): No plugin in layer.



What else do I need to do (perhaps programmatically) to see this layer?




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