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From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:59:47 -0400

Hi JR,

On Jul 26, 2006, at 12:30 PM, JR Andreassen wrote:

> Hi Folks....
> We're in the starting phases of a mapping project and are looking at
> integrating OpenMap with our application.
> I've looked through most of the doc's and the FAQ etc. but there
> are still some things that I'm unable to
> figure out.
> Please keep in mind that I'm new to GIS(though not to Java/Swing)
> So, here we go:
> The application:
> We have a Java application that is used in a fleet of vehicles and
> would like to integrate GPS and some mapping functions.
> Our main goal is to do GeoSpatial queries based on a set of
> coordinates, like
> "Static" functionality:
> What road am I on (Line in Layer X)?
> What area am I in (Layer Y) ?
> What is the closest point in layer Z ?
> We would also like to have some very basic dynamic layers.
> Plotting my vehicle(frequently), Others in the fleet(less
> frequently).
> First and most important question
> Would OpenMap be a good match ?

Yes, you can do what you describe above (assuming you have the data
for those queries).

> How long would it take for a OpenMap Novice to get some basic
> functionality operational?
> I know these are kind of
> Issues so far:
> How to you specify the base map ?

You would configure a layer to display the data you want. For the
default OpenMap application, the layers are specified and configured
in the file. That file has instructions for
modifying itself.

> I can't find any reference on where to change the base map Image.
> (Or is there a way to specify a Shape/other as the background)
> Does it /How do I handle Quadrangle/TIFF images ?

The easiest way to display images is to use the CSVTiledImagePlugIn.
The JavaDocs for the CSVTiledImagePlugIn describe how to create a CSV
file that list the images and their locations, and the plugin can be
added as a layer to the application (via the
file), with that csv file noted in the properties for that plugin.

I'm not sure if TIFFs are handled by the general JRE, come to think
of it. You might have to install the JAI package (Java Advanced
Imaging) to get TIFF functionality.

> Does it /How do I handle Segmented data and transitions?
> We have several datasets that we'll be based on
> (
> These data sets(roads, etc) are split into areas(counties) since
> they are rather large.

Shape files can be read to create OMGraphics, which are the objects
rendered to the map. They know how to position and render
themselves. There are Layers that create OMGraphics out of Shape
files, and one (MultiShapeLayer) that handles more than one Shape
file. If you are going to have a lot of data...

> Does it /How do I handle monster datasets ?

you should load the data sets into a database (MySQL, PostGRES with
PostGIS, Oracle) and use a layer to retrieve the geometries from the
database based on the projection. A MySQL layer is part of the
distribution, and an OracleSpatialLayer was posted to the mailing
list and is available in the archives.

> Does it /How do I handle Lat/Lon to Layer serches ?

If you are using a database with large datasets, it's probably better
to do the search on the database. You can also work with the
OMGraphics to do spatial searches for those objects rendered on the map.

There's a developer's guide available at:

Hope this helps,


> If anyone can shed some light on these issues for me it would be
> appriciated.
> Thanks
> JR
> JR Andreassen
> Strategic Database Inc.
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Don Dietrick,
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