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Packages that use SoloMapComponent
com.bbn.openmap The com.bbn.openmap package contains the core OpenMap classes. 
com.bbn.openmap.gui This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components. 
com.bbn.openmap.layer Contains OpenMap layers that read and display a variety of data formats, and a few that create their own data for display. 
com.bbn.openmap.proj Provides projection classes. The beanbox package contains classes that implement a BeanPanel component. This package contains classes to support Java Drag and Drop functionality on the map. 

Uses of SoloMapComponent in com.bbn.openmap

Classes in com.bbn.openmap that implement SoloMapComponent
 class BufferedLayerMapBean
          The BufferedLayerMapBean is a BufferedMapBean with an additional image buffer that holds Layers designated as background layers.
 class BufferedMapBean
          The BufferedMapBean extends the MapBean by adding (you guessed it) buffering.
 class HintsMapBeanRepaintPolicy
          The class lets you set RenderingHints on the MapBean, to set anti-aliasing, etc.
 class LayerHandler
          The LayerHandler is a component that keeps track of all Layers for the MapBean, whether or not they are currently part of the map or not.
 class MapBean
          The MapBean is the main component of the OpenMap Development Kit.
 class MouseDelegator
          The MouseDelegator manages the MapMouseModes that handle MouseEvents on the map.
 class PropertyHandler
          The PropertyHandler object is the organizer of properties, looking for settings on how to configure OpenMap components.
 class StandardMapBeanRepaintPolicy
          A MapBeanRepaintPolicy that just forwards layer repaint requests normally, and does nothing for java.awt.Graphics before painting.

Uses of SoloMapComponent in com.bbn.openmap.gui

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.gui that implement SoloMapComponent
 class EmbeddedNavPanel
          A panel with map navigation widgets.

Uses of SoloMapComponent in com.bbn.openmap.layer

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.layer that implement SoloMapComponent
 class BufferedLayer.BLMapBean
          An simple extension of the BufferedMapBean that calls a layer, presumably its parent, to call repaint().

Uses of SoloMapComponent in com.bbn.openmap.proj

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.proj that implement SoloMapComponent
 class ProjectionFactory
          The ProjectionFactory creates Projections.

Uses of SoloMapComponent in

Classes in that implement SoloMapComponent
 class BeanBoxDnDCatcher
          The BeanBoxDnDCatcher class manages all Java Drag-and-Drop events associated with openmap layers that implement the BeanBoxHandlerinterface.

Uses of SoloMapComponent in

Classes in that implement SoloMapComponent
 class DropListenerSupport
          The DropListenerSupport manages the DefaultDnDCatchers that handle Drag and Drop events on the map.

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